Attention: Calling All Cheese Lovers

BEWARE: If you’re a cheese lover, all of your food fantasies are about to come true! I’m sure many of you are constantly looking for that perfectly-crafted combination of hot melted cheese and crunchy bread, which, I can assure you, has not been perfected until now. Search no more, because I have a special surprise that will blow your cheesy loving mind and will leave your taste buds desperately craving more!

The Melt decided to add a new twist to the grilled cheese sandwich, and created what is popularly known as the “Mac Daddy.” This mouth watering creation includes melted aged sharp and mild cheddar, with creamy mac and cheese and smoked bacon, all the while held together with artisan french bread and baked to perfection! This ooey gooey grilled cheese sandwich will be sure to leave you wanting more! The Melt currently has two locations, Saratoga and Palo Alto. Hurry up and get yours fast to instantly satisfy your grilled cheese fantasies!