One of the greatest mistakes I’ve ever made, was finding this place. I was really craving Pho one night, and I had asked my close friend to give me the address of the Pho place she usually goes to. But to my surprise when I showed up, the restaurant was already closed! I started to look up other Pho spots nearby and found one just down the street from where I was. It was called Pho Saigon, and had really great reviews on Yelp!

Once I got inside, I sat down, looked at the menu, and was in shock! The prices were so cheap and there were so many options to choose from. They didn’t just have Pho, they have other kitchen items as well. I ordered a small pho, and when it came out it was HUGE. They give you big portions with all the fixings. It was fast, affordable, and I will definitely be going back!